John Danby (c. 1698)

John - the son of John Danby and Margaret Hurren - was christened at Badingham, Suffolk, 15 November, 1698. He died in 1742 and was buried at St. Michael, Southelmham. His Will was written in 1742 at Badingham (near Framlingham), Suffolk. He was a yeoman farmer and owned land in Laxfield, Southelmham and Norfolk.

He married Mary Taylor who inherited land in Earsham from her mother. They had children:

1. Mary Danby (d. 10 July, 1769 - buried St. Cross Southelmham) was married (1 April, 1755, St. Cross) to Joshua Moore (1722 - 1796).

2. John Danby (b. 1730 - d. St. Margaret's, Southelmham in 1815) who married Martha Lowe 15 March, 1757 at St. Margaret's.

Danby Land Transactions in Denton, Earsham, Metfield, Suffolk, and Starston

FILE - Deeds - ref. MEA1/9, 675 x 3 - date: 1490-1744
|_ [from Scope and Content] Admission of Thomas and Henry Spilling by will of Edmund Spilling, 1615, probate copy of will of Thomas, 1671; Nicholas Spilling conveyed property to Robert Taylor 1688; on his death Elizabeth Taylor, will 1694 to Robert Taylor and thence to Mary and Margaret Taylor, 1719, and thence to John Danby, will 1742 with abstract of title. 1744.


FILE - Bundle labelled Writings of one third of an Estate at Earsham purchased by Sir W. W. Dalling Bart. of Mr. Kerrison, 11 October 1811. - ref. MEA1/62, 677 x 2 - date: 1751-1812
|_ [from Scope and Content] 2/3 moiety of 4a 3r copyhold of the manor of Earsham and 2a freehold land, a messuage and 2a meadow. Attested copy of releases and agreements between Thomas Howell, John Danby's executor, and John and Mary Danby, 1751; release of Danby to Matthias Kerrison, 1795; admission of Kerrison, 1796; release: Kerrison to Sir W. W. Dalling, 1811; admission of Dalling, 1812 with abstract of title.


FILE - Copy letters to Joseph Windham concerning Mr. Danby's property at Earsham and letters to J. Van Kampe - ref. MEA3/583, 659 x 2 - date: 1794-1795

Tenancy Agreements and Relative Papers
FILE - Bundle of farm leases - ref. HA12/D8/4 - date: 1856 - 1875
item: Farm at St. James Southelmham to John and Maria Danby. - ref. HA12/D8/4/33 - date: 15 July 1868
item: Farm at St. Nicholas Southelmham to James Danby. - ref. HA12/D8/4/34 - date: 15 Oct 1856

The Will of John Danby (died 1742)

Also I give and devise all my messuages and lands.....and hereditaments payments and parcels of .... lands.... whatsovever situated lying and being in Earsham in the County of Norfolk and Laxfield and Weybread in the County of Suffolk. Each and any of them in any other town hamlet parish or place to them or any of them.....Or near adjoining to...their and.....of their appostionments to be sold by my executor hereafter named.... or the survivors of them or such of them as shall take upon himself the probate of this my will as soon as conveniently..... after my decease for the best price or prices....may or can be had or gotten for the same and the money arising by such sale or sales........And the rents.....and profits until such sale or sales made my mind and will is shall be accounted as personal estate in the hands of my executor. And shall go and be disposed of with my personal.....for the purposes herein after mentioned and..... I also give and devise all my messuages, tenements hereditments and situated lying and being in the parish of All Saints or Aldo Hallow? in ......County of Suffolk or in any other town hamlett parish or place thereto.....or near adjoining now in the.....or occupation of John Girling or his....unto Mary my daughter to hold to her and her....for during the time and form of her natural life to.......and after her decease to the heirs of her body lawfully to be begotten and for default of such issure to John my son and his heirs for ever. and shall permit and suffer her.....daughter Mary to have and recieve and take the just profits and produce for and during the term of her natural life to be paid unto her own hands not with standing any.....she shall or may be under and my will and mind further is payment fo received? shall be good and sufficient discharge or discharges for the same after her decease I give and bequeath the sum of four hundred pounds to be paid and equally divided to and amongst al and equally the child and children of her.....daughter Mary and their issure who shall be living at the time of her decease in equal shares and proportions and in default of such child or children of my said daughter Mary living at the time of her decease. But so at the issue of such child or children of my said daughter if any such there shall be shall be entitled only to the share or shares which by her or their father or mother would have been entitled to if living. I also give and bequeath unto Mary my daughter the sum of five pounds to be paid in 3 months next after my decease and my will and mind is in case my son John or his heirs shall not at any time after my decease.....obstruct or hinder my said daughter Mary in the ......reasonable possession and enjoyment of all or any of that promised.......herein by me to her given and devised .....or they shall refuse to protect her title thereto for want of a surrender to the copyhold part or any other form as law. My will and mind is that I do hereby give to her.....said daughter Mary out of my personal estate full restitution and satisfaction for the costs, charges and ....what she shall and my sustain.....


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