John Danby (b. 1730)

John Danby was the son of John Danby and Mary Taylor. He was born in 1730 and died at St. Margaret's Southelmham in 1815. He married Martha Lowe on the 15th of March, 1757 at St. Margaret's. Martha Lowe was born about 1722 and died 2 June, 1771 at St. Margaret's Southelmham.

Martha Lowe was the daughter of Francis and Rachel Savage whose other children included: Isaac, Francis, Samuel, Rachel and Susanna.

John Danby and Martha Lowe had William Danby (b. 18 July, 1757, St. Margaret's Southelmham and John Danby (1761 - 10 March, 1844).

When the father of John Danby (b. 1730) died, his guardian (and presumably that of his sister, Mary, became Thomas Howell, the husband of Elizabeth Danby, his father, John's, sister.