Pierre Perrin

Pierre Perrin was born in 1615 at Rhone, Lyons, France. He was the son of the Comte Du Perrin and Lady Du Perrin. Pierre died at Richmond, Staten Island, NY in 1698.

Pierre Perrin was a Huguenot Norman of French descent, a Protestant, born in La Rochelle, France. He presumably was induced by his son to come to America. He settled on Staten Island in 1685 and died there in 1698. He was the father of Daniel who came to America on the ship "Philip" in the year 1665.

About 1638 on the Isle of Jersey, Pierre married Andrienne Jubril, born 25 Jan. 1618 in Ardennis, Vendrisse, France. She was the daughter of Jean Jubril and Juvine Lombard. She died at Richmond, Staten Island, NY, in 1698.

Pierre died 26 April 1675.

Children of Pierre and Andrienne were:

Jean b abt 1639 Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
John b 1640 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
Henry b 1742 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
Daniel b 1642 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
Pierre ca 1644 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
Poncette b ca 1644 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France
Elizabeth b ca 1648 sle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France

Birth: About 1615 Lower Charante, , , France

Pierre Perrin
Birth: 1615 Rhonee, Lyons, Rhone, France
Spouse: Andrienne JUBRIL
Marriage: About 1638 Isle Of Jersey, , , France

Pierre Perrin
Birth: About 1610 La Rochelle, , , France
Death: 1689 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
Spouse: Mrs Pierre Perrin Family
Film Number: 962052

Pierre Perrin
Birth: < 1614> Of, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France

Pierre Perrin
Birth: About 1615 Of, , , France
Spouse: Mrs Pierre
Marriage: < 1641> <Isle Of Jersey, , , France>

From the Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of the National Huguenot Society 4th Ed. 1995 pg 196......Pierre Perrin/Perrine from lower Chalfant, France to Staten Island, NY 1685

Immigrated after Daniel in 1665, Pierre and son Henry = possibly other children came to America to flee religious persecution. They settled on Staten Island, NY and Ocean City, NJ

Old Families of Staten Island by J J Clute - pg 79 "The original orthography of the name was Perrin. Count Perrin was a Huguenot refugee from Nouere; the American family are not descended from him, but the original emigrant was akin to him. The first occurrence of the name in this county was in 1687, where Daniel Perine sold land, and he was probably the progenitor of the Perines of the present day. Like many other old families in the county, they have a family record, but very imperfect, except perhaps for the last two or three generations. The branch which we are able to trace, lived for a century and a half, or more, in the same house, which is still standing, and occupied by them, on the Richmond road, a short distance north of Garrison's Station, on the Staten Island Railroad. It is probably the oldest dwelling house in the county occupied by the family who built it.......

Information taken Andrienne Jubril etc... from http://www.my-ged.com/db/page/verhaal/4080 )

"This Old Monmouth of Ours Freehold, Moreau Brothers, 1932 William S. Horner Pierre of Lower Chalfont, France with a large number of Huguenots fled intolerable religious prosecution in their own country and came to America. He immigrated at the instigation of his son Daniel who had come several years before and settled at Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1665 The Staten Island Perrines proceeded from Pierre Perrine. The story is told that they came in the Caledonia and that they were shipwrecked on that Island. They were kindly treated and made it their home. From here they spread into Long Island, NY and in some cases among their brethern in New Jersey.

Pierre Perrine, b. in Lower Chalfont, France, d. NY. fled from persecution that followed revocation of Edict of Nantes in 1685 by Louis 14th & went west to Netherlands, then to America. Found passage on ship “Caldonia,” which wrecked on the SE shore of Staten Is., NY where he made his home. Taken from Egbert Family History

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