Daniel Perrin

Daniel Perrin was born in 1642 on the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands, France. His father was Pierre Perrin (1615 - 1698) and his mother was Andrienne Jubril (1618 - 1698). He came to America on the ship "Philip" in the year 1665. Daniel died at Richmond, Staten Island, New York on 6 September 1719.

Daniel married 1. Maria Thorel (b 1649 in Rouen, Perdy, France; d 1686 Richmond, Staten Island, NY). They met on the boat coming to America and were married 18 February 1666 at Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ. She died ca 1686 and is buried at Stonybrook Cemetery, Richmond, Staten Island, NY.

Their children were:

Peter b 1667 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Henry b 1669 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
James b 1679 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Daniel abt 1672 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
William 1673 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Francytje 1675 Staten Island, Richmond, NY

Daniel married 2. Elizabeth Perrine, after 1675 at Staten Island, Richmond, New York. Elizabeth was born in 1653 at Richmond, Staten Island, NY; d 6 Sept 1719, Richmond).

Their children were:

Sara ca 1680 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Elizabeth ca 1690 Staten Island, Richmond, NY
Maria ca 1694 Staten Island, Richmond, NY

There is a detailed book on Daniel Perrine and his Descendents by Howland Delano Perrine, 1910 (available at LDS Family History Library)

Birth: About 1649 Rouen, Perdy, , , France
Death: About 1686
Spouse: Daniel PERRIN
Marriage: About 1665 <New Dorp, Richmond, New York>

Birth: About 1642 Isle Of Jersey, France
Spouse: Maria THOREL
Marriage: About 1665 <New Dorp, Richmond, New York>
Death: 06 SEP 1719

Birth: 1642 Isle Of Jersey, France
Death: SEP 1719 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
Burial: Stonybrook Cem, Staten Island, Richmond, New York
Spouse: Mrs. Elizabeth PERRINE
Marriage: After 1675 Staten Island, Richmond, New York

From the Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of the National
Huguenot Society 4th Ed. 1995 pg 196
From, Howland Delano, Daniel Perrin, "The Huguenot" and his
Descendants in America, South Orange, NJ 1910
From, Familty Tree Vol 4 #1546 States his birthday as 1642

Daniel came to us first in 1665 on ship "Philip" he moved from NY to
NJ at age 46 and remained here until death----some of the line moved
into Ohio . . .

Daniel Perrin, a French Huguenot-----He was on board the ship "Philip"
and came to America in 1665 Historical accounts state the ship set
sail from the Isle of Jersey under the command of Capt. Philip
Carteret and arrived at New York Bay on July 29, 1665. Governor
Carteret brought him over along with 18 male servants. At that time it
was customary for people to travel together as "servants" which
implied a relationship of protection, a sort of clientage and did not
indicate menial help. They were immediately given land in
Elizabethtowne to help settle. Also, were included some female
servant, among them was Maria Thorel. He and Maria were in their early
twenties, both unmarried but soon fell in love and married in America.
The marriage was said to be the first solemnized in the new government
and the license to marry was issued by Gov. Carteret. A bronze tablet
to the memory of Daniel and Maria was placed in the French Episcopal
Church, NY City (ref. Reformed Dutch Church, Port Richmond, Staten
Island, NY) From Elizabethtown Daniel and Maria moved to Staten Island
Sound, on the western shore opposite Elizabethtowne, at a place then
called "Smoking Point", now known as Rossville. He received an 80 acre
grant of land from Gov Benjamin Fletcher, confirmed May 16, 1695 by a
grant from the Crown.
"Genealogy and Records of the Perrines" by William Davison Perrine
Princeton Junction, New Jersey, 1936 ....... The stone house built by
Daniel in 1688 is still standing with additions and is a Historical
Site with Marker. It is privately owned and will be shown by

SEE PICTURE OF Landing of Governor Philip Carteret at Elizabethtowne,
NJ 1665--"The time depicted was ion August 1665 the day clear, sky
calm, the blue waters and marsh grasses showing in the background, the
Governor alone stands covered while his secretary reads the Royal
Commission, and behind them are the guards and the emigres from the
ship Philip, part of whose masts and hull show above their heads. The
then settlers, four families from the Island of Jamaica, and some
Indians form the audience. " We see Daniel Perrin, a young man,
standing at the extreme right leaning against the rail of the little
dock. Maria Thorkel, soon to become Maria Perrin, stands immediately
back of the guard in the foreground with a white kerchief around her
shoulders, and possibly with some or all of her wardrobe in a bundle
on her arm." (Daniel and Maria are the first and fourth figures from
the right.)
"Thanks to the genius of this talented artist, we are permitted an
opportunity to view the scene of that first eventful day on the shore
of the New World, and to imagine that we see the figures of our
ancestors to be. The picture is true to nature and history, as the
records of that period indicate." from "Daniel Perrin, the Huguenot"
by Howland Delano Perrine, South Orange N.J. 1910

Source The Huguenots or Early French in New Jersey by Albert F.
Koehler, 1992, Clearfield Press. "Daniel Perrin, son of Pierre, was a
Norman French descent, a protestant and a Huguenot......info same as
other sources.

below taken from Egbert Family History
A. Daniel Perrine, aka “The Huguenot” (1642- post-9/6/1719) b. Isle of
Jersey, Channel Is., France, d. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY. One of
18 servants who came on ship “Philip” by Gov. Philip Carterat, (NJ 1st
Gov.) landing in NY 7/29/1665, m. twice, 1st – 2/18/1666,
Elizabethtown, NJ, Maria Thorel (ca. 1640-ca.1686) (also servant of
Gov. Carterat) This was the 1st marriage in New Caeseria (NJ) They
were members of the group or colony of 35 who came with the Gov. from
Elizabethtown in 1665. occ. yeoman, bought land 3/12/1687, of Paul
Richards at Sinoakin Pt., 6 ch., 2nd – ca. 1688, NJ, Elizabeth ---, c.
post-9/6/1719, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, 2 ch.

Taken from Egbert family history.....also included were the following
of his children
Sara Perrine (1689-post1735), m. twice, 1st - 1718, Staten Is.,
Richmond Co., NY, Willem Stilwell, b. 5/11/1678, 2 ch., 2nd – ca.
1727, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, James Bosler (Butler) d. post1735
a. Willem Stilwell (1719-1719) b. & d. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
(twin) c. 9/6/1719, witnessed by Daniel & Elizabeth Perrine
b. Daniel Stilwell (1719-1719) b. & d. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
(twin) c. 9/6/1719, witnessed by Daniel & Elizabeth Perrine
c. Anna Bosler, b. 1728, c. 4/22/1728, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
d. Jan Butler, b. 1732, c. 4/9/1732, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
e. Sara Butler, b. 1735, c. 6/8/1735, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
7. Elizabeth Perrine, b. ca. 1692, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, m.
ca. 1719, Jan Stilwell, b. ca. 1681
a. Johannes Stilwell, b. 11/15/1719, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
8. Maria Perrine (ca. 1694-post1735) b. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY,
m. ca. 1719, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, Johannes Sweems, b. Staten
Is., Richmond Co., NY
a. Elizabeth Sweems, b. 1723, c. 8/25/1725, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY

Perrine's Bridge is the second oldest burr-arch style bridge in the
state of New York. Once located in the town called Perrines bridge
between 1850 and 1861. It is now located in the town of Esopus-
Rosendale, New York just a few hundred feet to the east of Interstate
87 crossing of the Wallkill River in Ulster County, New York.
Originally built to aid in the movement of trade between the towns of
Rifton and Rosendale, the bridge is about two hours northwest of New
York city between mile markers 81 and 82 on the New York State Thruway
(I-87). In May of 1834 the State of New York authorized and provided
Money to Ulster county, NY to build the bridge. In 1835 the bridge was
built by Benjamin Wood (b. 1780 d. 1838), the one-lane covered bridge
has been closed to vehicular traffic since 1930. The Bridge derives
its name from James W. Perrine (b. 1780 d. 1849), a descendant of
Daniel Perrin "The Huguenot", who was a tavern keeper that opened an
inn on the east side of that future bridge in 1820. Perrine's son was
hired each winter as the "snower". He would spread snow the length of
the structure so horse-drawn sleighs could cross. It has been listed
on the National Register of Historic Places as of April 13, 1973.

More About Daniel Perrin:
CEMETERY: Stonybrook Cemetery, Staten Island, Richmond, NY.
REFERENCE (2): FAM. TREEVOL 2 571, VOL 6 , VOL 2 4760 vol 9 2791, Vol
11 3179, 1430, 3679.
REFERENCE (3): Records Ref. Dutch Ch., Port Richmond, S.I..

More About Daniel Perrin and Marie/Mariah Thorel:
Marriage: February 18, 1665/66, Elizabethtowne, Province, NJ.
Marriage license: East Jersey Records, Liber III, fol. 6. Sec'y of
State. Trenton; NJ Archives, 1st series Vol 22 lxxvii.

Children of Daniel Perrin and Marie/Mariah Thorel are:

1. +Daniel Perrin(Pareyn) Perrine, b. 1672, Staten Island,, NY, d.
1745, Staten Island,, NY.=

One IGI Record indicates that the marriage of Daniel Perrin and Maria Thorel was about 1665, New Dorp, Richmond, New York.

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