Robert Barber

b. 1638, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

(son of Nicholas Barber and Margaret (Unknown)

d. April, 1705, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK (with Will)

married - 1st: 1663, St. Margaret's Southelmham, Suffolk, UK


1st Spouse: Sarah Smith

d. before 1668


Sarah Barber

Rebecca Barber

d. May, 1703

buried: 8 May, 1703


2nd Spouse: Maude Kersey

married - 2nd: 21 May, 1668, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

b. ca 1640, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

d. October, 1720, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

buried: 17 Oct. 1720, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

Suffolk: - Registers of Marriages (Various Parishes), 1539-1837
Marriages at Withersdale, 1660 to 1837.
Suffolk Parish Registers. Marriages at Fressingfield, 1554 to 1837.
Volume 1.
County: Suffolk
Country: England
Robert Barber & Mawde Kersey 21 May 1668


Robert Barber

b. 1669, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

d. 1669, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

buried: 20 September, 1669, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

Edward Barber

b. 12 February, 1670, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

d. 1673, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

buried; 1 April, 1673, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

James Barber

b. 1669, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

christened 31 October, 1669, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

Edward Barber

b. 1673, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

christened: 20 April, 1673, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

John Barber

b. 1677, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

christened: 6 June, 1677, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

d. February, 1728, Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK


Robert's first wife was from St. Margaret's Southelmham and at the time of their marriage, Robert is said to be from St. James Southelmham.

He married his second wife, Maude (Mawde) Kersey (Carsey, Carsie) on 21 May, 1668. She was the daughter of Edward Carsey, a yeoman of Cratfield, Suffolk (d. 1675), and his wife Maud. They had three other children - John (christened 6 December, 1642), Susah (christened 28 September 1643) who married a Hayward, and Mary (christened 10 March, 1645) who married a Poole. In his Will, Edward Carsey mentions his wife and each of his children.

Although no definite proof can be given as to whether Robert's father was Nicholas Barber or his brother Simon Barber - both sons of Simon Barber (1562 - 1637), it is certain that, whichever-one was his father, Simon Barber (1562 - 1637) was certainly his grandfather (as per information in the of Will of John Barber). It is perhaps notable that Robert christened his first two daughters (by his first wife, Sarah (nee Smith)) - Sarah and Rebecca, no doubt after his own sisters - daughters of Simon Barber (1562 - 1637).

Although at the time of his marriage to his first wife Sarah, Robert (b. 1638) is said to be of St. James Southelmham rather than from Fressingfield, it is possible that he was then living with - and working for - his uncle, John Barber - perhaps at a messuage named 'Turner's' in Sancroft (St. James) Southelmham, formerly owned by John Pigeon. From his Will, John Barber seems to have been the patriarch in this branch of the Barber family at that time.

Edward Barber, son of Robert and Maude Kersey, probably married Frances Gobbett, a widow, on 20 February, 1717. John Barber, the son through whom I descend, married Isabella (maiden name and date of marriage unknown).

Robert Barber died in April, 1705, leaving a Will, dated 4 November 1696.

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