Donald Caddick

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude and indebtedness to Mr. Donald Caddick, for much of the information here, relating to the Barber family - especially that in my direct line prior to Robert Barber (1704 - 1771).

Donald was a distant cousin of mine (Laurence Barber) who, sadly, passed away in July of 2003. I have been put in touch with his material, representing several years of research into the Barber lines. I had researched, myself, the Barber line directly back to Robert (b. 1704) but was stuck as to which of the John Barbers of Fressingfield, a generation before, might possibly be the father of this Robert. Fortunately, through an on-line contact with distant relative Murray Barber (of Christchurch, New Zealand), I was made aware of, and then had sent to me, the material that Donald had prepared.

Donald's research traces the descendants of James Barber (1434 - 1489) through to James Barber (1778 - 1808) - and the latter's descendants. My line departs from the research of Donald Caddick at this latter James Barber, as I am descended through James' brother, Robert (1747 - 1815).)

The following are exerpts from Donald Caddick's 'Introduction' to his research, written in 1994.

"Early in 1989, at the age of 71, I decided to look into our forebearers, knowing that the trunk of my grandmother, Harriet Caddick (nee Barber), which was in our loft, contained much of the memorabilia of her family. In addition to the family Bible, which contained many details of births, deaths and marriages of her family, there were four diaries of her grandfather, James Barber (1778 - 1853), two photograph albums, bank books, note books of the proceeds of auctions, posters advertizing auctions, farm rent receipts, a number of press cuttings, some mourning cards, letters, a Keepsake Scripture Text Book, which she had used as a birthday book (plus some marriages and deaths).

"From the details in the family Bible, and entries in the diaries of James Barber, I started to construct a family tree, and, when visiting my son in 1989, I went to Fressingfield (Suffolk), with the intention of looking at gravestones in the churchyard of the Parish Church of SS Peter and Paul, to see if I could find any more about the Barber family. When having a pint and a sandwich in the 'Swan' - adjacent to the churchyard, I spoke to four gentlemen, who were having a lunch-time drink, about my quest. One of them suggested I write to the Vicar of Fressingfield, who was the Vicar of five parishes . . . (I am not recommending this kind of contact which would be prohibitive in terms of time for any incumbent should the world descend upon him, or her, looking for genealogical information).

(Apparently, the WEA (Workers Educational Association) of Fressingfield had prepared a copy of a Barber family tree, back to 1459, led by Nesta Evans. This Donald incorporated into his first effort at a full family tree, which was also passed to Mr. D.E.W. Aldous, of Webread, who had done much research on the Aldous family of Fressingfield. He, in turn, passed the tree to Mrs. Myrtle Hydge, of Ogden, Utah, USA, who had spent many years researching the Aldous family, with which our Barber family is inter-linked. She corrected and amplified Donald's original tree. (She was, to him, a 7th cousin, twice removed.))

Donald also acknowledged the Suffolk Local History Recorder for Fressingfield, for copies of "Looking Back at Fressingfield' and 'A Century of a Suffolk Village, Fressingfield, 1750-1851' - prepared by the Fressingfield Branch of the WEA. I have these very helpful documents, as well. I too have several Barber Wills, gleaned from the Suffolk Records Office.

I too am in the debt of all of these people and am grateful for Donald's having led the way, in researching and incorporating together much of what has turned out to be my direct line of the Barber family tree.

Laurence Barber, August, 2003