Elizabeth Manning

The wife of Josias Lambshead, Elizabeth Manning, was born in Chudleigh, Devon, in about 1821. She was the daughter of Thomas Manning (born in West Teignmouth, Devon), and Elizabeth Unknown. She had two sisters, Charlotte and Caroline who were both born in West Teignmouth. (Thomas is listed in the 1841 census of West Teighmouth, just before the wedding of his daughter, Elizabeth, to Josias Lambshead.)

Elizabeth and Josias were married in Chudleigh on 17th October, 1841. They had 9 children - Elizabeth, Ellen, Josias, William, Samuel, Elyn, George, James, Henry.

Elizabeth was the Turn Pike Tolls Collector, the family living in the Goodstone Toll House, according to the 1851 Census, when she was listed as age 30. In the 1901 Census, Elizabeth was living in Burnley Lane, Lancashire, probably with her son, George (age 39). She was 81 at that time, and is said to have been born in Chudleigh, Devon.

My forebearers - the family of her son, Josiah, had already come to Ontario, Canada, by that time. (There are Lambshead descendants of Josias and Elizabeth living near Burnley, Lancashire to this day, though I've not yet been able to establish contact.)

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