William Webb

William Webb (c. 1 December, 1811, Essendon, Hertfordshire) was the father of William Webb-King - by Mary Ann King. The parents of William Webb were James Webb and Catherine (Unknown), of Essendon.

Mary Ann King (born 1814, Essendon) and William Webb did not marry, though she was carrying his child - as William was killed in a 'tragic accident' in August of 1833 (buried on the 9th of August at Essendon. The burial record from the parish church of Essendon read: "9 August, 1833: William Webb of Essendon, buried, aged 21.

Family lore has it that the Webbs had much land in the Essendon area. There are several Webb gravestones still in the parish church of Essendon.

Mary Ann King subsequently married William Frost of Much Hadham, Hertfordshire - and with him had four children*.

* This connection was not established until my research led me to Anne Stevens, now of Parry Sound, Ontario, who is a descendent through a son of William Frost and Mary Ann King.